Cherry Leopard

Thursday, March 13, 2014

This is one of the dresses I bought from Simply Be on the Doncaster Rad Fat Shopping Trip a few weeks ago. It was £20 and is a size 20 but I can squeeze my boobs in and like the thick knit fabric and heavy feel to it. It has an exposed zip at the back which I hate but figured I would be wearing it with a cardi mostly for the next few winter months.

Dress - Simply Be size 20 £20
Cardi - New Look Inspire old
Leggings - Primark size 20 £3
Shoes - New Look £7 in sale
Necklace - By Charcoal Designs

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  1. Argggh, stop being so perfect! :) I love the dress and the necklace. x x

  2. Leopard love!! And NECKLACE WIN!!!! :D

  3. Gorgeous! Love the dress. I quite like an exposed zip now and again but I have noticed they're ubiquitous in plus size fashion, like they don't want to pay to cover them up or something. Very odd.


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