Lip Smacker!

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Mwah! Check out this tshirt! Well actually it is pyjamas! I figured it was way too cute to be kept for bed so opted to wear it as an oversized tshirt by getting the larger size and if it shrinks in the wash a bit then won't matter. I got it while on the Doncaster Rad Fat Shopping Trip when we were in Your Clothing and it was only £10. I also got the nightdress version and there are also pyjama bottoms available.

It is super soft and such a great print that I teamed it with my Junk Food bag that I got for Christmas. It is by Anna Smith and available on ebay. I am also sporting my new glasses that arrived today! Yay for #glassesporn !

Tshirt - Yours Clothing Pajama Top £10 size 30/32
Jeggins - New Look Inspire size 24
Shoes - Asos
Necklace - Betenoirejewellery Custom
Bag - Gift - Anna Smith ebay

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  1. That bag is amazing! And the top does NOT look like PJs at all. Its really cool.

  2. Oh my Lord, that's so lovely! x


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