Doncaster Rad Fat Shopping Trip #3

Sunday, January 05, 2014

So the 3rd Rad Fat Doncaster Shopping Trip was Saturday! It was amazing as usual. A few people couldn't make it this time but there was still ten of us! I sadly did not take many photos so have stolen a few from Abbie.

Lets being at the beginning. We all met up at the train station and headed into the shopping centre Deansgate and first stop was Simply Be. Always a great stop. So many christmas sale bargains to be had and cheaper than online! I think between us all we tried on one of everything. The staff were super friendly and helpful as usual. I wish they would open a store in Sheffield! I tried on this beauty but the sleeves were a little long and I had just ordered a dress similar from Asos the day before. I did buy 2 other dresses that will be blogged about asap!

Some of my purchases! Lovely prints!
I got the Tartan bag from New Look £7 and socks 3x pairs for £4. I had a bag like this when I was at school! Sadly the New Look Inspire sale section was rubbish! I also grabbed some leggings from Primark £3 and a pair of earrings. 

I have stolen the next 4 pictures from the lovely Abbie and her Instagram feed. It was The first Rad Fat outing for Abbie and she loved every minute of it and is now officially a RAD FAT!

Leah, me & Abbie

Abbie & Emma

Mariska & Nancy
Mariska is Dutch and Rebs penpal and they met for the first time on Saturday! 
How cool is that!

Lisa & Gemma

Yummy Pulled Pork from Relish

Me, Abbie and Rebs Lift Selfie on out way home after shopping til we almost dropped.

Thank you ladies for making the shopping trips so fabulous. Seeing old faces and new ones that feel like you have known them forever is such a great feeling. If anyone wants to come and join in with out Rad Fat events feel free to speak up and join the Yorkshire Rad Fat Collective group on facebook to keep up to date with whats happening. There are Clothes Swaps happening very soon! 

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  1. Had a gorgeous time again ladies. So very glad I met you x

    1. Lovely seeing you again! More meets in 2014 is my goal!!!

  2. Aaah, you're all so beautiful, glad you had a great time. :) x

  3. Such a fab time... Lolly you're the warmest most loveliest person I have ever had the pleasure in meeting. :) x

    1. I think this is the nicest hing anyone has ever said to me! Thank you :) You are such a fabulous lady and love hanging out with you! More please! Xxx

  4. I want to come to the next Doncaster Rad Fat shopping trip!!


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