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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Yes so unless you have been out of the loop as much as I have you might have noticed I have had a baby! I spent the month of July in hospital with various problems but mainly Pre-eclampsia. Swollen feet, high blood pressure and protein in my urine at high levels and needed an emergency c-section when my blood platelets started to go a bit off.

I got a spinal injection to numb me and was awake through the surgery. It felt strange like someone was sitting on my belly and bouncing up and down so much that I thought I may be sick at one point. Baby Franklin James McKee was born on 25th July at 9pm at 29 weeks of 40 and I got to see him for about 5 seconds before they took him away to check him over. My placenta and womb were very small and the fluid around him was a light green meaning he had pooped. My body was not doing what it needed to for him to grow and keep him safe so surgery was at the right time.

He was a little under 2lbs 2oz and he was taken to NICU. As I was being stitched back up my intestines tried to escape from my body and had to be pushed back into place and sewn up on the inside before I could have my wound sewn up. It took about 30 minutes to complete.

The next day in HDU I was encouraged to get up and and out of bed asap. I got out of bed and sat in a chair by the bed to eat a bit of toast but only managed a mouthful before feeling woozy and due to all the blood pressure medication I was on I fainted because of low pressure and needed some help with air. This happened a couple more times. The pain was kept at bay with paracetamol. I tried morphine but it just made me feel drunk and sleep for hours. I tried a half dose but it was the same so I stuck with paracetamol. It was 4 days before I was able to get up and unhooked from machines to go see Franklin in NICU. My Mr kept me updated as did the doctors on his progress and was even given photos of him.

When I finally was able to go see him I burst into tears and couldn't believe just how small he was and just kept thinking how will he survive! My Mr says he will never forget my face when I saw him for the first time. I cried all day and every time I saw him for the next 4 days. On the 5th day I managed to focus on the little improvements he had made and his colour was getting better.

Its 5 weeks now since he was born and he has come on lots from then. He he is off all the drips and his oxygen help keeps getting reduced. He is on larger feeds 3 hourly and was moved from NICU to HDU. He is usually awake when we go to see him like he knows its the time we visit. He is such a happy baby and hardly cries. I am a proud mummy and just can't wait to get my little boy home.

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  1. As a SCBU mummy i do feel your pain.

    Although my youngest wasn't early she was poorly and born with a chest infection, hole in the heart and a hear murmer and spent some time in scbu

    It is one of the scariest things when having children because you can't do anything without permission (which was really hard when i had had my eldest daughter with me the whole time after she was born)

    It does get better. He is a gorgeous little boy xx

  2. I cannot wait until you take him home! He's so sweet. What a fighter!

  3. Congratulations! Good luck with everything.

  4. Congratulations, he is a real sweetie!!

    I too had two boys born at term but both portly so have experience of SCBU, wishing you all lots of luck, sending {{{{healing vibes}}}} and ((((hugs)))) .....

    S x

  5. *poorly not portly, lol!!

  6. Aww, bless the three of you! I hope he can come home soon. x x x

  7. Congratulations to all of you, it will be such a special day when he gets to come home.

  8. What a scary thing to have to go through, I would have been a wreck. I am glad to hear that your little man is improving, he is so cute! It is going to be wonderful when you finally get to take him home with you.


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