Twice As Nice - FATshion Callenge #1

Friday, January 04, 2013

Since Rachel and I have the a lot of the same dresses we decided to do a combined post and show you how I styled a dress and then you can have a look at how Rachel has styled the same dress. Really a 2 for 1 post you lucky readers! Which is why we have called this Challenge - Twice As Nice. Look out for more in the future!

Todays dress is from Simply Be and I have had my eye on it for quite some time but the £36 price tag kept it out of my reach until Boxing Day when the Sales started. It dropped down to £25 and with a free postage code and an extra 10% off code I got it for £22.50!

Showing off my new lovely FREE Cateye Glasses from Coastal. (First Pair Free) If you are in the market for glasses then check them out. The have a great range of frames.

I had seen the beautiful Elena of Frivolous Mrs D post about this dress here a while back and loved it so much. It has a vintage look to it and a lovely v neck and floaty sleeves. It was also available in 2 other colours but the navy with red dots was pictured in the Simply Be catalogue below looked perfect.

To be honest I was a bit disappointed when it arrived. It was a thin cotton shirt material with many creases and I do not iron anything! I thought it would be a jersey material with stretch. I tried it on and thought it a little tight over my bust because of no stretch. The length was good and I loved the sleeves and v of the neck. I was torn with keeping it or sending it back so decided to take some pictures and see it from a different view.

I was wowed by how lovely it looked on and after wearing it for a while was happy with the fit and the tighter bust just gave me better cleavage! My only issue now is as you can see from the close up that my polka dot bra can been seen through the fabric so must remember to wear a plain one next time or even a chemise as pants may also be visible.

Look at my cute Bowler Hat with EARS!!!! I found this little gem on ebay and it reminded me a bit of Hello Kitty so thought I should purchase it and so happy I did.

Dress - Simply Be size 24 £25
Hat - ebay £8
Shoes - New Look old
Bag - Ebay Gift
Glasses - Coastal (1st Pair Free!)
Pearl Jewellery - Boots

Now head on over to see Rachel at A Dress Is For Life to see how she styled the same dress! She looks fab as always the gorgeous Pin-up Goddess that she is! 

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  1. It looks gorgeous on you! And that hat oh my I adore it :) beautiful as always xx

  2. Anonymous11:36 am

    The Coastal FIRSTPAIRFREE promotion appears to be valid for US residents only :(

    And I couldn't get any of their other current promo codes (NEWYEAR30, FREESHIP) to work either. Certainly not a good first impression.

    1. There used to be a link to their uk site called which does the same promo and sells the same glasses! Give it a try and let me know how you get on :)

    2. Anonymous12:33 pm

      Thanks, hun! But that one is UK and Ireland only. I never understood those location-specific promotions. The only difference is shipping costs and I'd be willing to pay more to ship to me (I'm Portugal). It's ok! It's not like I need new frames (it is nice to have a selection though :D).

  3. The dress is beautiful on you. Love the red accents you styled this with! That hat is amazing. :)

  4. You both look great, it's such a simple but lovely dress. And that hat? Wow! x

  5. Love how this dress looks on you, complete different from Rachel. That hat is so cute, I love HK so much and it does remind me of her. This outfit needed the red satchel to finish off the look.


  6. Yay! I love this dress and it looks gorgeous on you! xxx

  7. I really love this dress, and it looks amazing on both of you! Really love how the dots are red instead of the usual white!

  8. You both look fab! I love the hat! Very very you indeed!

  9. I love your hat! Want! :)


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