Fatshionologie Blogger Style Challenge - #2 Budget Friendly

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fatshionologie is a blogger style challenge born out of a discussion on twitter in the hopes that it would help us create exciting new content for out blogs as well as show that each new style 'theme' can be rocked by a variety of different body shapes.

Fatshionologie as a Challenge was started last month with "Festive" but I am new to the group so this will be my first post with them. Our Challenge this month is "Budget Friendly" to be fair I am always on a budget but the target set for this challenge was £15. We can use items already in our wardrobes, gifts and for those close enough to attend then things from the Leeds Plus Size Clothes Swap. 

You may remember I did a post HERE about this dress before but I decided to return the dress as I did not think it was worth full price because it fades in the wash. I spotted it in the sale at New Look in Doncaster while out with the ladies and got it for £9 which was more my price range. Plus I had a £10 gift card from Christmas.

It is a great print and I loved the previous colour options of black with mint green and pink but was also told by someone that this print was also made in a blue and a red version which I have never seen!

The bag was a christmas present from my Mr and is from ebay for around £20 it has metal skull studs up the side and skull print white section. It is also available in different colour options.

Wearing my Primark necklace also from Doncaster trip for £2 in the sale and Hush Puppies shoes Mr got me a couple years ago also for Christmas. He knows what I like.

The bag handles are just big enough to fit over my fat arms without a coat on. It is a large bag and can hold lots of my crap. It comes with a should strap and top zip to keep it secure.

Detail of bird print. I added a black belt to the dress but it comes with a removable tie made from the same fabric as the dress. I got the size 26 and it fit me better than the 24 from previous purchase.

Better picture of bag so you can see the skull details. It is not a true white but more of a cream colour.

Dress - New Look Inspire size 24 £9 (gift card)
Leggings - Primark £3
Shoes - Hush Puppies (Gift)
Belt from another dress
Necklace - Primark £2
Bag - ebay (Gift)

This outfit basically cost me £14 not including my glasses :) 

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  1. Looking good lady and that bag is AMAZING! xx

    1. I love it and it is so big! :) x

  2. I have the dress in a different colout and it faded badly ;-( I love how you have put little picture of us all with the link for our blogs ! Im just adding your link on my blog post now i must of forgot it and dont worry i didnt post the first time around either ! but i love this challange ! xxx

    1. I was sad when mine faded :( Its nice to have more blogs to follow! We are all so different and the challenges are fun!

  3. I love this on you :) and it was a great bargain xx

  4. :D mwahhhh! Thanks lovely x


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