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Saturday, January 26, 2013

This Post is a little different since I bought this dress from Simply Be on the Rad Fat Doncaster Shopping Trip. Since so many of us purchased the same dress that day we are linking up to show you how it looks on each of us and how we styled it.

The dress is a silky stretch fabric with paisley print and not something I would have ordered but seeing in the store I thought I would try it on as it was only £10. Once I had it on and saw how lovely it was I had to have it! Along with everyone else it seemed!  The staff in Simply Be were super friendly and very helpful. They informed us of a 3 for 2 deal that was on and how we could best make use of it meaning I got this dress for £6.66! Thank you to the Staff on Doncaster Simply Be and if you have never been then GO! You will not regret it. The store is light and bright and beautifully laid out.

You may think it a little strange that I have teamed Tartan with Paisley but I like it. My Glasses match my pumps. I got the pumps from New Look also on the same trip to Doncaster for £3 in the sale. The Necklace is by Pesky Chloe of Lifes Big Canvas. Her shop is in Birds Yard in Leeds.

This dress is slinky and soft and just lovely to wear. It is lightweight but cozy in this horrible weather because of the higher neckline and longer sleeves. This dress will be worn lots and washes great too!

How cute is this necklace!!! I was informed by my new friend Jen that it is a French Bulldog so I let her name it and she has decided to call him Percy.

Dress - Simply Be size 26 £10
Shoes - New Look - £3
Necklace - Lifes Big Canvas - £10 (plus 25% discount with Leeds Swap Voucher)
Tartan Glasses - Etsy

Now head over to these ladies blogs to see how they styled the same dress!

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  1. Love this dress it's so comfy isn't it?! Deff one to keep getting out of the wardrobe and the best bargain ever xx

    1. Defo a go to dress for comfort and class! X

  2. LOVE this dress, but deff too calssy fr me to pull off! Also... hair? Is it darker?

    1. Pfft! You would look fab in it! Yes my hair is darker but want to go pastel pink or blue next :D x

  3. Lovely! I love this link up xxx

    1. Thanks we thought it would be good to show the same dress from 18 to 28 :)

  4. Love how so may of you purchased the same dress! Looks super comfy and sylish : )

  5. Love the red bracelet!

  6. This dress looks fab on you, its not something i would have normally have bought or even tried on but for £10 i'm glad i did.

    i love the tartan with it and the necklace is lovely, really need another trip to Leeds to buy lots of things from Chloe x

  7. Love the print on this dress :)
    Looks really pretty on you as well !
    Shows how good it is that so many of you bought it !
    Launa xx


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