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Sunday, February 03, 2019

I am Scottish and love tartan. I have been wanting a tartan coat for years and never found one that fit my bust until now. I found this beaut in Asda of all place. They only had a size 20 but I tried it on and was surprised how roomy it was. I of course went home and checked their website for my size. It only went up to a size 24 but I figured the 20 was big so would probably be safe with the 24. It is tight over my belly but I can live with it!

Snag tights again! Yup I told you I love them! The mustard matched the line in the tartan on the coat and my Yoshi bag.

Simple old Scarlett & Jo dress and Clarks brogues because brogues are my faves.

Coat - Asda size 24
Dress - Scarlett & Jo size 26 old
Tights - Snag size F
Shoes - Clarks 
Bag - Yoshi
Glasses - ebay

I have been gifted items in the past from Scarlett & Jo and also Yoshi. 
No items in the post were gifted.

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