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Saturday, June 13, 2015

I made my first order at Everything5Pounds as a bit of an experiment to see what sizing was like and if it could be another place for fats to shop for basics. My plan was to order an outfit and I did. I ordered this striped top which is a great basic top in a 26/28. I also ordered a blue striped skirt to wear with it but the 26/28 was too small even with its elastic waist it was tight over my belly so I took it to the Plus Size Clothe Swap in Leeds last week and it found a new home.

This blouse is a size 30/32 and fits my bust but if is tight over my belly and very short due to my boobs pulling it up. It will be going to a Swap I think. If you have a smaller bust than me (which is not hard at a 42jj) it should fit fine. I always need to size up in non stretch materials because of my bust and belly.

This has to be my best purchase! Lipstick print blouse in a size 30/32 non stretch fabric and fits really well. Good length and will wear with leggings/jeggings/skirts.

Another fab purchase as I find vests are short at my belly due to my large bust so ordered this in a 30/32 and it is great! Sadly I got oil on it while cooking and it is now stained.

The thing with Everything5Pounds is that things sell out and new things are added daily so it is worth having a look regularly. Postage is about £5 too and it is not free returns so not worth returning one thing.

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  1. I got the lipstick print top too. Something I've tried before with oil stains is spray WD40 on the stain liberally, then while it's still wet put loads of washing up liquid on it and rub it in well, and it should lift the old oil and the WD40 when you put it in the machine. I give it a good rinse in the sink before I put the stained thing in the machine (not sure if WD40 is flammable at high temperatures, lol) and it's worked every time.

    I love the stripey top too. xx


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