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Monday, March 09, 2015

At the weekend I went shopping with hubby to be and baby and I had a little try on session at Yours. These are the things that caught my eye and so thought I would share them and my findings with you all.

Loved the print and style. Fit well and is on my list to buy!

Tile Tunic - size 24
This was not something I would normally go for but thought I would try it on. The 24 was too tight around my belly but 26/28 should be fine. I liked the crochet hem detail and it comes in 3 colours! This makes it hard to choose which one to buy! Or two!

Again this is not my usual pick but I liked the print and longer length. The 24 was too small on my belly and the bust was also small. the 26 would probably work better for me.

Really lovely stretch fabric and zip up back but 24 was way too small for me. I would need to size up at least twice for this one to fit my bust. 

This is not in store yet but I will be ordering it! I am really struggling to find a swimsuit that has enough support and coverage on the bust. Hopefully this will be my answer. I will let you all know.

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