Friday, May 03, 2013

This is a more personal post that I don't really tend to do on her but as some of you may know already I was diagnosed with PCOS about a year ago. The only reason I went to the doctor abut it was because my friend and my boyfriends sister were both diagnosed with it and their symptoms of irregular periods and lots of facial/body hair were both problems I had been having for many years but figured it was my weight as I had heard of this happening to people who are fat.

Having been sent for an internal scan at the hospital I then received a letter from my doctor telling me that I indeed had PCOS. After discussing the issues of getting pregnant with my boyfriend we decided I should come off the pill and see what state my periods were in. So I stopped the pill in November and has an initial stopping period which I had expected. The following month I had a period but then nothing so I went to the doctor and asked for a referral to Pre-Pregnancy Clinic to talk about my options. There is a pill that I could get to make me have regular periods which means pregnancy would be possible.

I got an appointment for March 25th and waited 45 minutes to be seen then finally got to talk to Val a lovely Diabetic specialist. As I have been Type 2 Diabetic for over 10 years her main concern was my blood sugar levels. Thankfully my levels have been great with 1 x Metformin tablet a day although it got increased to 2 x a day when PCOS was diagnosed as it is also a treatments for it.
She was happy for me to proceed with getting pregnant as my health was good. She would refer me to an Infertility Clinic to get medication to make me have a period every month and make it possible for me to get pregnant.

Another Doctor came in and asked about my PCOS and looked up my test on the computer. She informed me that I did NOT have PCOS! I did not have cysts on my ovaries but my blood test had been borderline. She asked when my last period was and I told her January and she insisted on a pregnancy test. At this point I grabbed my boyfriend from the waiting room and told him what was going on.

I gave a urine sample to the nurse and she returned a short time later with Val and said " I have some good news!" to which I said "SHUT UP!" she went to say "you are pregnant! " and I exclaimed " HOLY FUCK!" then looked at my boyfriend and burst into tears. The nurse and Doc left us alone and I cried and hugged him then laughed and just could not believe what I had just heard. We were happy but shocked! Having expected it to take years for us to get pregnant this was the very last thing I thought I would hear today. From my last period it was thought I could be 11 weeks pregnant! Which explains why I have felt like shit! Also why my nipples had been so tender for the past couple weeks and why I had been getting a dead leg from my hip to knee at random times!

We were sent away and I was told to make an appointment with my local GP to see the Midwife.
I saw her 2 days later and she referred me for a scan. Two weeks later still no word so saw another Midwife and she called the Hospital to see what was happening and they said they were just really busy and I would have an appointment in 2 weeks. Two weeks passed and still not appointment!
By now I was 16 weeks and had missed my first scan so I called Val at the Hospital and explained my situation. She said something was not right and she would look into it for me. She called me back and said I had not been put on the system! I was angry that it had been 4 weeks for nothing! She said I would get a call tomorrow with a Scan appointment.

After waiting 40 minutes to then be told we were at the wrong department and having to move and wait another 20 minutes we finally got the scan. The scan was all of 5 minutes and confirmed my thoughts of 17 weeks. I was too late for the first down syndrome tests but got a blood test. I was so scared and excited for the scan but mostly scared. The first thing the doctor said was "there is the heartbeat" and I actually felt the relief wash over me with just those words. It is so strange to be able to see this little thing growing inside of you. I still can't quite believe it is real as my belly has not grown that you would notice.

This is our little guy/girl. I think its a boy as I have been conducting a small survey with friends and family. The women who had morning sickness all had girls and the women who didn't have any morning sickness all had boys. Whats your thought on this?

Sorry for such a long post but it is here for those who want to read it and if you don't that is fine too! 

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  1. Fantastic news :) hope all goes well and just think your already nearly half way there :)

    Ps I think it's a boy too :)

  2. I am so happy for you and your boyfriend. I was so chuffed when I went onto Facebook and saw your scan photo.
    I think you'll be an amazing Mum and if your baby is a boy or a girl, they will be incredibly lucky to have such a special Mum and Dad xx

    PS, I had morning sickness with both of mine and I ended up with one of each! (I think it's a girl!)

  3. What a lovely surprise, congratulations!!

    With my first I had the normal 12 weeks of sickness, with my second I was sick from week 5 to week 38 and hospitalised 9 times for rehydration therapy - both were boys!!

    S x

  4. Congrats!Awrsome news.With my daughter I wasn't sick at all but with my son I was miserably sick the whole time.Everyone is different when it comes to pregnancies.

  5. Ohhh Lolly, I'm so happy for you both! What a wonderful little surprise :)
    That is going to be one stylish baby :D xxx

  6. Hugggggge congratulations!! Wow!

  7. How lovely and congratulations!!! Elaine

  8. Congratulations lovely! I'm so thrilled for you. x x x

  9. What amazing news! Congratualtions to you both! I felt so relieved for you when I read the good news at the end xx

  10. Congrats sweet :) Thats really really great news xx

  11. What a lovely surprise and congrats to you both, from a new-bee reader :)

  12. oh my god! thats fantastic! youre going to be such a great mum!

  13. Congratulations!!!!!!

  14. Congratulations! What a crazy way to find out, but thank goodness it worked out in the end!

  15. Congratulations gorgeous, so happy, I am also hoping to get pregnant soon, are you planning to write a fashion diary with your fashion finds and retailers who cater for plus size pregnant women?? that would be amazing hehehe xx

    1. I plan to do pregnancy outfits but using mostly larger sizes of plus items as maternity plus seems to be very limited! Simply be seem to be the only real plus maternity & not much choice!


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