Naughty But Nice

Monday, June 18, 2012

Thanks to apps like Instagram, BeFunkyFx & CameraTimer for Iphone I am able to take morning nude photos with messy hair and no make up and look half decent while also being artsy! Ahhh the wonders of technology!

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  1. mariabbw2:22 am

    So pretty.
    Also your thighs look like mine. twins lol ;) XX

  2. Figured i would return the comment favor back.
    thank you very much for the comment and i am looking forward to getting them colored as well.

    Your pics are looking good no matter the time of day. I like the messy hair and glasses look too. ;)

  3. Besides the fact that I just love your body confidence and awesome photos... I adore those glasses! They're fricking adorable!

  4. :) Thank you lady! These are my geekiest glasses and I love them! They are by Derek Cardigan. xx

  5. very beautiful woman with an extremely beautiful and sexy body specially those legs and those glasses just bring it all together damn girl i have a crush no disrespect


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