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Sunday, July 20, 2014

This outfit is inspired by the lovely drawing Danielle Laurenti posted on instagram a while ago and the amazing Fitty Smallz and music video which this post is named after {video at the end) and also Ricky Daniels who draw my dream a few years ago!

I love all things American and my dream is to open an American Drive In Diner and have fat lady waitresses on Roller Skates! If I win the lotto then this WILL happen!

The dress is from Modcloth and fits my bust easily. Super length on me (5'3'') and a belt that fits and is not just for show! (pet peeve about plus outfits with belts). It also has pockets! This is one of the roomier dresses I have had from Modcloth. I would say it is a UK 26/28 and fits a large bust. Dress of dreams right here!

This is also my first blog post since the hair chop and dye. Have to say I am loving it. I may stay short for quite some time. Sorry about the frown but it was sunny and I should have been wearing sunglasses.

As always this blog is Body Positive and fully in support of HAES (Health At Every Size) #effyourbeautystandards, #effyourbodystandards, #effyourhealthstandards & #nobodyshamecampaign

Dress - Modcloth Bea & Dot Daily Special dress size 4x $54.99 
(For postage/customs charges see my other Modcloth posts)
Bag - Old Gift
Shoes - Old New Look
Jewellery - Old New Look
Glasses - Dead Mens Spex

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  1. Dress twinsies again! You look so cute! It's such a fabulous dress :)


  2. You look fantastic. I would totally visit your diner! :) x x

  3. I love your dress, the drawings and the song! ♥

  4. Long time lurker de-lurking to say: Wow! Dress and haircut look amazing! And your handbags cute too!

  5. Soooooo cute! And totally loving your new do Lolly! xx

  6. Love this look and your shoes are too cute!


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