Goonie For Life

Sunday, September 28, 2014

I have a few pieces by Bete Noire including my custom red double heart necklace that says "Frankie Baby" and I had thought about getting a Goonies inspired necklace for some time. I sent Bete a few reference pictures and came up with this idea. I have to say it turned out even more awesome than I thought it could be! The first heart based on the design of Chunks Hawaiian shirt, the second with the treasure map detail. The Copper Bones Skull Key on the bottom and a pearl necklace like the one Mouth hides in his mouth but Mama Fratelli finds and pulls out.

Bete does the best custom orders! I have seen a Back To The Future, Clueless, True Romance and lots of others. Check out her Instagram for photos!

Necklace - Custom order from

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