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Sunday, November 24, 2013

I have to admit I have never tried Cowboy Boots before now and must thank Jolene @Razor_Hearts from Instagram for sharing her love of the Cowboy Boot and making me want to try them.

On my most recent Lady Date to Meadowhall we had a good look through the Yours Clothing store and I spotted their Cowboy Boot which has elastic sections to help fit fat legs! They are also in a wide fit. I have never been able to get long boots because of my fat legs but had to at least try them on. To my major surprise they fit! I had to size down which is normal for wide fit shoes. They also come in brown and I really want to get them too!

I wore them out shopping and found them to be very comfortable! No rubbing and no pinching due to the wide fit. I usually have blisters after wearing new shoes a short time so this shows how well these are made. The are real leather and a great alternative to the normal winter boot but I will have fun wearing these in summer too, Daisy Duke style with denim shorts and tartan shirt!

The Cowboy Boot is so versatile as it can be dressed up and dressed down to work with almost any outfit. I am so happy I tried these and fear they will need to be surgically removed from my feet as I will be wearing them so much!

Cowboy Boots - Yours £75
Jacket - New Look size 22
Leggings - Primark size 18
Top - ASOS size 18

This item was gifted to me for review by Yours Clothing. All opinions are my own.
Thank you to Yours Clothing for making fabulous clothes and boots for fat women and for giving me the chance to review these beauties! 

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  1. You got them!!! So pleased as they look gorgeous xxx

  2. Loving the top and boots! I used to live in cowboy boots back in the day when I was a grunger - black suede ones. *sigh* x


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